If You Want a President Who’s Failed At Almost EVERYTHING — Vote for THIS Candidate

Written by Thomas Holmes on February 16, 2016

I think it’s a really good idea to know more than just what our presidential candidates stand for but also who they are in real life that helped them stand for the issues they champion. I think a lot of people on both sides would agree with that sentiment. Well, except Bernie Sanders fans, and of course ‘ol Bern himself. You see, according to Investor’s Business Daily, the who in who Bernie Sanders is pretty pathetic.

Here’s just a small rundown of his “highlights”:

  • Failed carpenter
  • Failed writer
  • Failed husband
  • Practically jobless until 40
  • Basically raised himself from poverty to…..even more poverty!

Bernie Sanders: The Socialist, who so many brainless millennials may make the next leader of the free world, didn’t start earning a steady paycheck until most men hit their mid-life crisis. At age 40, Bernie got his first real job, and surprise, surprise, it was in the government. Prior to that Bernie didn’t do much other than protest. He briefly held a job registering people for food stamps, until that went sideways. In that sense, Bernie is much like his political patriarch, Karl Marx, who also spent his life jobless and lived off of other people’s money; all while spewing his philosophy as if he had any experience or accomplishments with which to back up the idiocy.

Despite all that, Bernie’s had the gall to wear his poverty and failures – including $65,000 in credit card debit and a largely unemployed early adulthood- as a badge of honor during his campaign. He’s conning voters into believing he’s “one of them”, not some rich, evil fat cat keeping the common folk from their fair share of other people’s earned money. Of course what Sanders’ convenient narrative excludes is his lifestyle of failed marriages and poor work ethic. According to one colleague who told Politico the Bernie was a “shi**y carpenter” who was never good enough at it to earn a living.

When that line of work failed he changed to a failed writer. Bernie freelanced for left-wing who expounded on such key social and political topics as masturbation. And people call Trump crude. According to Politico, friends described Sanders as a guy whose electricity was off a lot, always poor and constantly screaming about how the quality of life in America was other people’s greed.

I dunno, Bernie, maybe the quality of life in your America was based on the fact that you sucked at working and didn’t feel like even doing enough to keep your lights on? In fact, it was his loud mouth that finally got him off the schnide when, after starting his own Socialist party, he got his very own government paycheck and is now possibly months away from the keys to the global champion for economic, social and religious freedom.

Last I checked, most “regular folks” Bernie is swindling into getting support from have the desire to make something of themselves. They might not identify with Donald Trump but Americans do identify with success, not an ambition black hole dressed in a frumpy suit.

Guys, I never thought I’d say this but it’s possible the Democrats may have found someone with an ever more pathetic presidential resume than Obama!

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