QUESTION: This Veil Wearing Muslim Athlete Calls Donald Trump A ‘Fascist’… Do You Agree With Her?

Published on February 16, 2016


This female Muslim Olympian thinks that Donald Trump is a ‘fascist’. Do you agree with her or do you think she’s nuts?

Donald Trump is a ‘fascist’ who is creating a platform for ‘hate’ and ‘fear-mongering’ according to the first Muslim woman to join the US Olympic Team.

Champion fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad made sports history earlier this month when she qualified to go to the Olympics in Brazil for Team USA.

She will become the first US athlete to compete at the Games in a hijab. She may in fact be America’s first female Muslim Olympian, as Team USA does not have any record of a previous female Muslim athlete.

The athlete, who recently met with President Obama when he visited a mosque in Baltimore, Maryland, didn’t mince her words when Daily Mail Online asked her to comment on the presidential race.

She reserved her strongest words for billionaire candidate Trump’s stance on Muslims.

Muhammad, 30, said: ‘I think that unfortunately we have people who are in the presidential race who are providing a platform for hate speech and fearmongering and they’re creating a space where it’s acceptable to speak out against immigrants, to speak out against Muslims and to really publicize this inherent racism that I feel a lot of people have.

‘It creates a really scary environment and I fear for the safety of minorities in our country.

‘It’s becoming more and more acceptable for people to voice their fascist beliefs and it’s upsetting.’

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Check out what the so-called ‘fascist’ Donald Trump did for this woman:

The daughter of a woman whose family farm was saved nearly 30 years ago by a last-minute intervention from Donald Trump praised him during a campaign stop on Tuesday.

Betsy Sharp told a Trump-friendly crowd in North Augusta, South Carolina, about her father’s suicide in the face of a bank foreclosure and the billionaire who paid off the mortgage so her mother, Annabelle Hill, could continue to live there.

Lenard Dozier Hill took his own life in 1986 on the morning his farm was to go to a courthouse auction, believing that his life insurance would pay enough to save the cotton and soybean plantation that had been in his family for more than 100 years.

He never knew his insurance policy had an exemption for suicides.

Trump heard about the case in news reports and paid off the last $77,000 owed on a $300,000 bank loan himself, showing up in Burke County, Georgia to burn the mortgage papers with Mrs. Hill in a photo-op that locals still talk about.

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