ISLAM HATES THIS MAGAZINE COVER: This Nation Has Had Enough Of Islam’s Raping Of Their Women

Published on February 17, 2016

Muslims and liberals are outraged over this magazine cover that just came out on Poland. Do you think it’s too much or is it just right?

A Polish magazine has sparked anger after publishing a front cover image depicting a white woman being molested by a group of dark-skinned men.

The far-right weekly wSieci (Network) mocked up the picture to illustrate an issue dedicated to discussing the rape and sexual assault of women by migrants across Europe.

It shows a half-naked blonde woman, who is wrapped in the flag of Europe, screaming as she is groped by six hands next to the headline: ‘Islamic Rape of Europe’.

The image has sparked outrage after it was shared online.

Media expert Henk van Ess said: ‘Sick cover from a big Polish magazine – is deliberately arousing public fear.’


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Here are some women who are actually doing something about the rape that is ravaging Europe. These Swedish women have set up vigilante ‘molestation guards’ in public pools to protect young swimmers in the wake of migrant sex attacks. Check it out..

A female vigilante group has been set up in Sweden to patrol public swimming pools in the wake of a number of alleged sexual assaults on children and young women

Siri Bernhardsson has set up ‘Tafsvakten’ – The Groping Guard – after growing tired of reports of rapes and molestations at public pools in the country.

The 24-year-old from Kalmar says the group is needed because women and children in Sweden no longer feel safe going swimming.

‘The news is practically flooded with articles about molestations and rapes on Sweden’s public pools, I have had enough,’ writes Miss Bernhardsson on her Facebook group ‘Tafsvakten’ [The Groping Guard].

Last weekend, Miss Bernhardsson and her fellow ‘Groping Guards’ spent the day in the Kalmar Adventurebaths.

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