Sheriff BLAMES Beyonce’s Anti-Cop Super Bowl Show For ‘Drive-by Shooting On His Home & the Killing of 7 Deputies’

Published on February 17, 2016

Is Beyonce’s anti-cop race baiting half time performance at the Super Bowl to blame for this drive-by shooting that occurred? This Sheriff thinks so.

Now, Tennessee sheriff Robert Arnold, has claimed that a drive-by shooting at his house was inspired by the singer’s Super Bowl performance and its aftermath, according to the NYMAG.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Arnold told reporters that the shooting that occurred on Monday around 8.18pm, was another target on law enforcement and immediately referenced Beyonce’s unapologetically black performance of Formation.

On Monday night a dark-gray Nissan Altima reportedly fired six shots at Arnold’s home.

Officers found .22-caliber casings in a line on the right-hand side of the street, indicating that a passenger shot from a moving vehicle.

No one was injured, and police have not said whether any of the shots fired actually hit the house.

However, Arnold also believes that since Bey’s performance, more seven police officers have been killed because of the singer’s powerful statement.

He said: ‘With everything that’s happened since the Super Bowl with law enforcement as a whole, I think we’ve lost five to seven officers… I’m thinking, ‘here’s another target on law enforcement.”

A reporter at the press conference then asked Arnold what he meant.

He responded: ‘Well, you know, Beyoncé’s video and how that’s kind of led over into other things about law enforcement.’

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