Islam HATES This Woman Because She’s Not Cutting The ‘Poor Refugees’ ANY Slack

Published on February 15, 2016

This German woman is leaving all political correctness at the door and making some BIG demands for how Germany needs to handle Muslim refugees.

The most powerful woman in far-Right Germany has made an extraordinary call for the public to ‘forget about decency’ and fight the ‘sex-jihad’ she claims is being waged against Western women.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Tatjana Festerling, 51, the second-in-command of the anti-Islam group Pegida, said ‘political correctness’ was putting women and gay men at risk of assault.

In a vicious attack on Muslim migrants and the political elite, she said: ‘Germany is like an open-air psychiatric ward with the mental illness of political correctness.

‘We don’t have time for decency any more. If we don’t grab our pitchforks and fight the Islamisation of Europe, we are lost.’

Her comments, in a video for MailOnline, will cause concern that a resurgent far-Right is exploiting migration to whip up racist hatred.

Accompanied by a bodyguard at a cafe in central Dresden, Festerling told MailOnline:

’Pegida are the only ones who don’t care about being politically correct. We just don’t care. We have no scruples and no fear.

‘We are on the rise all over the world, regaining territory that was lost to political correctness.

‘The Muslim headscarf should be banned, and radical mosques should be closed. We need to make life uncomfortable for them.

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Meanwhile in Sweden, one man is stabbed to death and three others are injured in the latest mass brawl between gangs at a Swedish migrant centre:

One man has been stabbed to death and three people injured after a mass brawl at an asylum centre in Sweden this weekend.

Police have arrested a man in his 20s on suspicion of murder after the incident in Ljusne, near Soderhamn, central Sweden, on Saturday.

More than a dozen male asylum seekers were involved in the knife fight, which is believed to have started when one group from a nearby centre visited the other to resolve a previous argument.

The fight between the two groups had reportedly started in central Soderhamn a few weeks earlier, and the intention was to meet and ‘make peace’.

The men reportedly hail from Afghanistan, with one group living at an asylum centre in Soderhamn, and the other in Ljusne, less than ten miles apart.

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Also, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland meet to discuss creating a blockade to stop migrants arriving from Greece :

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are to meet today to discuss creating a blockade to stop the influx of migrants arriving from Greece.

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said the countries – known collectively as the Visegrad group – were ready to help Balkan countries seal their borders.

The leaders of Bulgaria and Macedonia will also attend the meeting in Prague.

Mr Sobotka said he would also discuss the plans with the Greek foreign minister tomorrow, ahead of a summit of European leaders at the end of the week.

Apart from Hungary, central European countries have so far not seen significant numbers of migrants.

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