JEB’S SUCH A JEB: “It’s Really Not Important to Me” Whether Senate Gives Obama SCOTUS Nominee a Vote

Jeb Bush just proved exactly why he doesn’t deserve any votes from real conservatives who care about the direction that America is going.

Shortly after news of Scalia’s passing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it very clear he will use his power to ensure whoever President Obama nominates as a replacement will either 1) not be confirmed b) won’t get a vote. McConnell and the Senate have the constitutional authority to do so.

This is where Jeb Bush comes in. During an interview with MSNBC Sunday, Bush acknowledged the Senate will likely block Obama’s nominee and said they have the right to do so. As a follow up, anchor Dana Bash asked if an Obama nominee should be denied a vote altogether, to which Jeb responded, “It’s up to Mitch McConnell, that’s really not important to me.”


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