QUESTION: Trump Says If He’s Elected He’d PROSECUTE Hillary…Would You Like That?

Written by Doug Giles on February 23, 2016

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Here’s one thing that most Americans who aren’t voting for Hillary would like to see our next President do. What about you?

Donald Trump told a Fox News audience yesterday that he thought Hillary Clinton would get away with her email scandal, but as president he’d want his attorney general to prosecute the former secretary of state.

‘I think she’s going to get away with it,’ Trump said, disappointing crowd members as he sat down for a Q&A with Fox host Sean Hannity.

Hannity countered by asking if Trump would want his attorney general to prosecute the Democrat if she was found to have broken the law by having classified information contained on her homebrew server.

‘I would certainly look into it,’ Trump said.  

‘I think it’s a disgrace, I think it’s so bad,’ he continued. ‘General Petraeus was destroyed, his life was destroyed. You have many, many other people, not just a few, you have many people that did far less than what she did.’

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