Sen. Schumer WARNS Not to Block Obama’s Nominee…But Look What He Said In 2007

Written by Thomas Holmes on February 15, 2016

Amidst the reactions of the sudden and tragic death of Supreme Court judge and conservative giant, Antonin Scalia, rings the tinny, crass, crowings of many on the left who can’t even wait for the great man to be buried before pissing over his legacy. In this case, it’s to demand that President Obama nominate a Constitutional polar opposite and be quick about it. Equally speedy are Obama’s leftist minions to grab their hearts and sway in shock that the Republican majority would dare impede the Constitutional process the liberals care so much about by blocking any lifetime appointment by the lame duck Obama.

Enter Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer who entertained the faux intellectual Sunday talk show crowd by demanding Republicans comply with passing whomever Barry O nominates. “We Democrats didn’t do this,” Senator Schumer stated, referencing the quick passing of Justice Kennedy.

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Unfortunately, old Chuck conveniently forgot the time in 2007 when he preached from the American Constitution Society soapbox that the Senate should block any of then-President Bush’s Supreme Court nominations throughout his last 18 months in office. Apparently it was bad back then to support any lifetime appointment from such a divisive President in his waning months in office.

From Sen. Schumer’s July 27th Speech to the ACS-

“For the rest of this president’s term and if there is another Republican elected with the same selection criteria let me say this: We should reverse the presumption of confirmation. The Supreme Court is dangerously out of balance. We cannot afford to see Justice Stevens replaced by another Roberts, or Justice Ginsburg by another Alito. Given the track record of this president and the experience of obfuscation at the hearings—with respect to the Supreme Court, at least—I will recommend to my colleagues that we should not confirm a Supreme Court nominee except in extraordinary circumstances.”

I know math is a problem for most on the left (if it wasn’t, they would easily calculate the deficiencies of Socialism), but in July of 2007, President Bush had 18 months left on his term while today, President Obama only has 11. In most realities, 11 is considered less than 18, but admittedly, you never know what dimension liberals are living in. Apparently, through the magic if liberal arithmetic, Sen, Schumer now calculates that Obama’s 11 months in office is not “lame duck” whereas Bush’s 18 clearly was.

Oh but it gets so much more idiotic. Not only is Chuck once again outed as the delusional hypocrite he is, but so is President Obama. In 2009, ABC News reported on how President Obama- during that cup of coffee when he was a Senator in 2006- participated in the filibuster to prevent the appointment of Samuel Alito. A filibuster that also included now Secretary of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

Oh, yeah and Charles E. Schumer.

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