Wounded Combat Vet SLAMS Beyonce for What She Did With Police IMMEDIATELY Before Her Show

Written by Omar Avila on February 9, 2016

Every American who watches the Super Bowl looks forward to the halftime show. It’s usually a performance that the whole family, and even those who don’t watch can football, can enjoy. But this year’s performance was full of hate towards the law enforcement community from Beyoncé song titled “Formation.” She was perfectly happy to trash the police in front of millions of people around the world while wearing what was clearly Black Panther Party apparel.

But just a few hours before the half time show Beyoncé demanded a police escort to the stadium for her and her entourage. The local PD had to make sure that an entire freeway was cleared so she wouldn’t have trouble getting there; seems to be very hypocritical on her behalf, doesn’t it?

I don’t understand, she wants to take a stand against police but demands a police escort? I’m so lost. The officers escorted her back to her hotel after the show was over, because unlike her, they are professionals who are willing to defend and risk their lives for ignorant, over privileged, self-entitled, assholes like her.

In my opinion, Americans are tired. I’m tired of all these actors, singers, and public figures that keep crying out for equality and to be treated with respect. But like my father taught me, respect is earned not given. As for equality, how do you expect to be treated equal if the first thing coming out of your mouth is ‘F the police’ and ‘black power’?

Could you imagine how many riots, protesting, and the outrage there would be if a white band came out in hoods and white sheets on?

Equality will never happen if we keep dividing our country by race because any race can be racist — and you’re ignorant if you think other wise!

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