AMERICA 2016: Politicians Are Selling Us a Socialist Fantasy — and We Like It!

Written by Rob Morse on March 17, 2016

Americans used to be inspired by wealthy people.  That changed.  Today we are envious.  People who’ve never earned a fortune want to be wealthy tomorrow.  Today’s voters listen when a socialist politician says he will rob from the rich and give to the voters.  This isn’t a Robin Hood scheme of returning unjust taxes to the peasants.  It’s nothing that pretty.  This is a Socialist politician buying votes with taxpayer cash.  It is an extortion scheme planned in public.  The same people who want a government to defend the little guy are demanding a government so large that it squashes the rights of everyone.  The evidence is right in front of our eyes.  Many liberals are blinded by the sight of gold, it is someone else’s gold, but these so called liberals are as blind as any miser in a fairy tale.  Here is a cautionary tale for all; Republican voters, Independent voters, and Democrat voters.

The Socialist politician never tells us who pays.  A government quickly runs out of other people’s money every time a society is seduced into robbery.  We’d rather ignore that Germany tried Socialism.  They called it National Socialism when they tried it 80 years ago.  Socialist collapse happened in Cuba and quickly became repressive communism as the government ran out of excuses for its failures.  We watched socialism consume Greece and Venezuela.

Some of us want to ignore all that history and believe that lying politicians are telling us the truth when they say-

“I can give you something for nothing.”

Sure they can.  This time it will work because our favorite politician told us WE ARE SPECIAL.  It is the same sales pitch that plays in late night bars.  It is the same technique that works in casinos around the clock and around the world.

Go ahead, try it.  That rules don’t apply to us because we’re special.

Don’t you remember?  That is what Senator Barack Obama told us.  He said we’re special, and that Barack would cool the planet.

Nice try, Barry.  You froze the economy instead.

Listen to the campaign promises.  Politicians are pimps for the voters.  Today we’re promised free school, free food, free housing, and free sex.  It’s sad to see the anti-intellectual streak that says, I have enough excuses to do what I want.  My favorite politician told me so.  Some political partisans remind me of a child who talked themselves into a petulant tantrum.

I could be wrong.  Maybe I’m confusing the politician with their supporters.

You might say that other countries really are different than the United States.  I disagree, but fine.  Look at our own history.  Socialism failed right here if you’re willing to look at facts.  This  year you paid a record amount in taxes.  Yes, in the middle of Obama’s depression, you paid more than ever.  Government also spent a record amount.  Government stacked up a record amount of debt.

We’re almost setting another record at the same time.  We have a remarkably large fraction of us out of work and on government aid.  If high taxes and regulations worked, then we should be doing great.  We have a record number of our citizens on state aid instead.

We’ve tried big government socialism and it is failing in front of our eyes.  Look around.

There is more to see.  I only mentioned the monetary cost.  We’ve also lost many of our freedoms.  The Patriot Act is used to spy on US citizens more than to gather intelligence on foreign spies.  Public schools teach the government’s point of view on every subject.  The police take more from citizens than robbers do.  The EPA regulates everyone’s back yard.   We see both rising unemployment and more regulations that make it harder to start a small business.

You and I are regulated… yet the government can break any law it wants.  That is crazy.

I used to think that liberals were idealistic.  I thought they wanted free speech and a free society.  I was wrong.  Today’s Democrats want a free handout.  They want the government to punish their political enemies.  I don’t want that.  Not for either party.

I’m not saying this to frighten you.  Hear me as another warning.  A government that is so large it can give citizens everything they want… is a government so large it can take anything the government wants.  That sounds like the government we have today.

I will vote for any candidate who will make government smaller and my neighbors freer.

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