BACKLASH: This TERROR-Linked Mosque Just Got SHOUTED Down

Published on March 24, 2016

People are starting to rise up against the terror linked Mosques that are responsible for being the breeding centers of extreme Islamic ideologies. Check out the reasons this group had for protesting this Mosque in particular.

Following terrorist attacks by Islamists in Brussels, protesters from Hogar Social Madrid (Madrid Social Home) protested terror-linked Madrid mosque, the Islamic Cultural Centre.

Occupying an overpass facing the mosque, known locally as the M-30 due to its proximity to the motorway, the group used smoke canisters, fired flares and hung a banner emblazoned with the words “Today Brussels, tomorrow Madrid?”

Explaining their choice of location to protest, the group’s statement on its Facebook page slammed it as a centre of extreme Islamist ideology with links to Islamic State.

As well as being described as “not just as a ‘recruitment ground’ but effectively as operational headquarters” for the terror cell which plotted the 2004 train bombing that killed almost 200 people, the Islamic Cultural Centre was used as a jihadi recruitment hub by terror network Al-Andalus Brigade. Led by ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner Lahcen Ikassrien, the group recruited fighters for Islamic State in Syria using the cafeteria as its base.

The statement also blasted police reports which revealed the mosque had raised significant funding for Islamic State. Demanding a “tax” from the mosque’s congregation to finance jihadists’ trips to Syria, the terrorist group received an average of 10 Euros per person.

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