It’s Time for Team Cruz to Pull Out All Stops and Name His Running Mate (Here’s a Suggestion)

Written by John Kirkwood on March 24, 2016

Before he can crush the serial felon that is Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz has got to beat the serial liar that is Donald Trump, before the love child of De Niro’s Wag the Dog and Pacino’s Simone becomes the Republican Presidential nominee. The Donald may be the biggest farce in American political history but he’s rallying the dispossessed with the verve and the acumen that The Governor showed in Woodbury.

Cruz had a solid game plan going into Super Tuesday but who would have thought that the perfect storm that is Hurricane Donald would have Archie Bunkered his way into the heart of the disenfranchised?

Turns out that those who have been chewed and screwed by the Republican establishment aren’t in a discerning type of mood, and they’ll raise the white tail to the first buck that prances by. The average Trump supporter, blind with rage, isn’t actually operating in the realm of reason, but I haven’t seen gullibility like this since Ray Davies danced with Lola.

This past week we’ve witnessed an abundance of serious breakdowns showing the drubbing that Donald Trump is taking in the analytics that actually matter. Both Guy Benson and Steve Deace take us behind the numbers and expose Trump’s weaknesses both on fundamentals like “favorability” and “trust,” and on specific demographic groups like Hispanics, Millennials, and Trump’s Achilles heel – Women.

Deace writing for Conservative Review states,

USA Today says that Trump loses younger voters under 35-years old to Hillary Clinton by 33 points. That’s right—33 points. In fact, you’re already seeing Trump struggle with younger voters throughout this GOP primary.

Trump also has a 77% unfavorable rating with Hispanics, according to Gallup, which is more than twice that of Ted Cruz (30%). Since October, the percentage of women who have a “very unfavorable view” of Trump has gone up from 40% to 50% according to Reuters, whose polling has been among the most favorable to Trump this cycle. In the current ABC News/Washington Post poll Trump now has the highest overall unfavorable of any domestic politician in the survey’s history.

The hard, cold truth is that the clock is winding down and if we are to preserve the Republic and rescue the country from the Alinsky sabotage of the last seven years, Team Cruz is going to have to go with the nuclear option. For Ted Cruz and the campaign it’s time to pull the goalie – name your running mate now! And the absolute perfect choice is Carly Fiorina!

Why Carly? Because she’s faced down Trump before and threw him off his game. Because she’s brilliant, articulate, will rally Republican and Independent women, and can say things that Ted can’t say and probably shouldn’t say. And she’ll be much more effective in saying it.

Why Carly? Because the press is all about Trump and the moment Carly steps into the ring she becomes Trump’s foil, and they’ll rush to have her on to promote the battle. And while Trump may be Clubber Lang, Carly is Apollo, and this time Creed wins.

Why Carly? Because Trump is a cancer and Carly’s faced cancer before and kicked its ass! And who better to get Medieval on Trump’s rump than the Devil who wears Prada with the degree in Medieval History from Stanford? But, most of all, because the Cruz campaign needs a shot of adrenaline and considering Trump’s weaknesses and Carly’s strengths, maybe a shot of estrogen would even be better.

Look, the Cruz campaign needs a kick-start and we are nearing a go-for-broke moment. And frankly, there’s no better choice for a running mate than Carly Fiorina. And this wouldn’t be a hoax or a gimmick, Carly is the real deal. And aside from being the Kryptonite to Superman, I mean, to Lex Luthor, Carly deserves this, and would bring the needed energy to a lagging campaign that’s been playing catch up since South Carolina.

Have you seen what Uma Thurman did to the Crazy ‘88s? Ted, hand Carly the Hattori Hanzo sword and she will make Uma look like a ribbon dancer. It’s time, Release the Kraken!

Cruz/Fiorina 2016 – It’s the winning ticket!

Image: photo credit: Carly Fiorina & Ted Cruz via

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John Kirkwood
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