BOOM: Andrea Tantaros DROP KICKS Romney ‘Take It and Shove It!’ (VIDEO)

Published on March 3, 2016

Andrea Tantaros is on fire! She wasn’t going to have any of Romney’s crap when he went out of his way to attempt to tear down Trump. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“It’s almost like a coach who lost the Super Bowl 42-0 is now coming out and telling the winning coach what plays to call. If you look at his record in Massachusetts and I want to take him to task on this, because he hit Donald Trump in some key areas. Mitt Romney is a liberal. He used to be pro-choice. Jonathan Gruber, the one who called everyone stupid, wrote Romneycare and Obamacare. That was Mitt Romney’s top aide. I don’t know if he was at the speech today I didn’t see him in the audience. Also, he lectured Donald Trump on foreign policy? Mitt Romney did not want to go after Osama Bin Laden. And that we should attack Pakistan or ask Pakistan for permission before we attack. Harris, I could go on and on and on. Mitt Romney has NO BUSINESS lecturing voters on electability or conservatism. And I think voters today look at him and tell his brand of conservatism to take it and shove it.“

Another writer, Adam Lankford, also went after Romney for his anti-Trump speech in Utah:

There is nothing more pathetic than a two time loser coming out of the closet to attempt a desperate plea to save a dying party. Mitt Romney is giving a speech today in an attempt to keep alive a party that has done absolutely nothing for the American people, but lie and make fake promises. The Republican Party are like a fish out of water gasping for it’s last breath and are looking for Romney to come to the rescue. It’s pathetic and if the American People had any sense, they would see this as a kick in the face. The Republican Party has proven time and time again that the only people they care about are themselves. Just listen to Marco Rubio on the campaign trail, “I will campaign in all 50 states because I am not going to let my party be taken over by Donald Trump”, Rubio says. Who gives a damn about parties? When are these losers going to start caring about the American people and do what they promised to do? When are they going to start stopping the destruction of America by agreeing to everything that the Democrats want? The answer is never and that is basically what Romney will be saying in his speech.

In a speech that is directed at taking out Donald Trump, the pitiful party bosses have obviously asked Romney to come to their rescue because they have been as useless at taking out Donald Trump as they have been at stopping Obama. Think about that for a second. They are propping up a loser who drew the lowest turnout in Republican history in an attempt to stop a person that has drawn the largest turnout in Republican history? It just further proves how stupid the Republican party and it’s leadership actually is. They are so concerned with losing what little power they have, that they are incapable of appreciating the massive growth that Trump has brought to the party. Could you imagine running a company like that? “I’m sick and tired of selling my product to massive profits and success. It’s time to start sucking ass and being terrible at what we do”? This is essentially what Romney will be saying in his speech if you are able to see it for what it really is. Romney might as well say, “Listen folks.. The Republican Party isn’t finished lying and being weak and feckless. We can’t have a Con-Artist running around the country telling the truth about how much we blow. It will be the end of our party.”

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John Nolte also comments on what a disgrace Mitt Romney really is to the Republican party:

What is beyond disgraceful, though, is Mitt Romney, a man who himself was a victim of these McCarthy-ite tactics, gleefully practicing the same against Trump. With no evidence, nothing to back up his accusations, the same Mitt Romney who lacked the nerve to prosecute Obama over Benghazi, demanded a fellow Republican prove he’s not a communist liar, thief, or felon.

With his ham-fisted lecture against Trump as a “phony” and “fraud,” Romney also called millions of Republican voters suckers for supporting a “con man.” Who are these freaks?

Even though he lost what should have been a lay-up against a failed president, Romney always struck me as a man of character, a weak man in many ways, but still a decent man. Today, though, Romney revealed himself as just another con man, another GOP demagogue terrified at the idea of an outsider upsetting the business-as-usual that made him filthy rich while the middle class treaded stagnant water.

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