BOOM: ‘Men Who Support Bernie Sanders — Are Not Men At All’

Published on March 17, 2016

This woman just slammed every single dude supporting Bernie Sanders and it’s amazing. Courtney Kirchoff goes off on socialist wussies in the most epic way ever:

Dear ‘men’ who aren’t actually men but perpetual boys,

Months ago I penned an open letter to real men (Screw Off, Feminists: An Open Letter to Men from a Real Woman). I wrote that letter with great care, honoring a certain kind of man. One who has ambition, self-worth, confidence, and valor is a man worth commemorating–by both women and society. Truth is we do not support men like this often enough. We can and we should cherish men who exhibit traditionally masculine characteristics. They have made the world what it is today. I raise my glass to you gents. I’ve even made you a sandwich.

But on the flip side of these strapping, rugged men there’s you. A Bernie Sanders sycophant with not quite enough self-worth to fill an egg cup. Or a teaspoon. Certainly not enough to fill your bong. Take a good long puff before you read the rest of this, it’s not going to get any better. I’m not going to make you a sandwich either. May I recommend a Hot Pocket?

What is a man? Well, see the opening paragraph for a hint. Read the open letter next. But since you’re a lazy slacker who needs people to take care of him, you probably can’t. It would involve a little extra work to click that link. God forbid you work for something. So allow me to give you a definition of what makes a man…

A man, as defined by this woman, exemplifies the evolutionary behavior of a provider. This can take one of two forms (maybe both) of hunting and/or gathering. The more successful the man is at hunting/gathering, the more masculinity he possesses. In the days of early man, this took the literal form of being a hunter. Those men who could not hunt were skilled enough to “gather.” See where that expression came from? History. Cool, right?

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