Left-Wing THUGS Storm Stage During Speech By METALLICA Drummer

This is the method of the left — to be violent and demand everything for no reason.

Left-wing protesters at the University of California-Berkeley earlier this month stormed the stage during a speech from Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

The forum, held in the university’s Zellerbach Hall on March 2, was interrupted by a group know as the Student Labor Committee over claims the school is mistreating contract workers.

Despite Ulrich voluntarily giving the protesters an opportunity to voice their concerns prior to the event, members of the group stormed the stage mid-speech before grabbing one of the forum attendees in an attempt to steal his microphone.

“A small student group that calls itself the Student Labor Committee, or SLC, decided to use physical violence to attempt to disrupt this event,” an op-ed in The Daily Californian says. “Though quick and professional action by the police prevented worse from occurring, it was a sickening moment.”

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