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BUSTED: Sinister Source Donated $200K To THIS GOP Candidate (HINT: His Name Rhymes With ‘BASIC’)

This GOP candidate really needs to quit while he’s ahead — because this news is really bad advertisement for his already dead campaign.

There’s no question that leftist liberal George Soros is heavily involved in the Democratic campaigns for presidency, but some may be surprised to learn some Republican candidates are also on the take. Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) has been the beneficiary of Soros funds. In a tweet by Scottie Nell Hughes, Hughes revealed Kasich has received $202,700 from Soros’ fund management.

So, at least two of the remaining four Republican candidates have done business with Soros. Yet Soros spoke out against Trump in January 2016 saying he was, “doing the work of ISIS,” by alienating Muslims with his disparaging comments to barre them from entering the U.S.

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