DEAR AMERICA: Here’s Hillary’s 5-point Plan To Beat Trump… Do You Think It’ll Work?

Published on March 1, 2016

Hillary’s team jut revealed their 5 step plan to beating Trump in the general election. Do you think they are panicking?

Hillary Clinton is preparing for battle against Donald Trump with a five point plan to halt the Republican front-runner’s dreams of the presidency, a New York Times report reveals.

As the real estate mogul looks to be on course to claim the Republican candidacy, Clinton’s campaign has revealed it is fighting back.

Her team has compiled the detailed plan which will portray The Donald as a dangerous loose cannon and bigot who would damage the country.

Geoff Garin, Clinton’s chief strategist in 2008, told the Times the campaign would attack Trump on his ‘temperament’ and ‘whether he is suited to be commander in chief.’


1. Attack Trump’s explosive temper and ability to run the country

2. Highlight the Republican front-runner’s sexist and bigoted attitudes to turn female votes against him

3. Show him as a ruthless businessman who had worked against the interests of working classes

4. Keep Hillary out the fray and enlist allies like Obama and Bill Clinton to criticize on her behalf

5. Goad him to making ever more offensive comments which will alienate voters

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