DEAR AMERICA: Muslim Group Says, ‘Tracking Refugees Is UN-AMERICAN’ … Do YOU Agree?

Published on March 21, 2016

Do you think refugees coming from a nations that are state sponsors of terrorism should be tracked? Or do you think we should trust them?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights group, is opposing efforts by lawmakers in two states to create refugee registration systems and — in one — to hold the sponsors of refugees civilly liable in the event that a refugee engages in domestic terrorism.

The two otherwise considerably disparate states are South Carolina and New York, reports the Associated Press.

A bill under consideration in South Carolina proposes a refugee registry; civil liability for sponsors if refugees from Syria, Sudan and Iran commit acts of terrorism; and an injunction against state spending on refugees or their families.

Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR’s national spokesman, said the bill is not in accordance with American values and threatened a legal challenge if it becomes law.

“If it is not illegal, it is at least un-American,” the Muslim activist group spokesman told the Associated Press.

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