DEAR AMERICA: Obama Said After Trump Rally ‘Leaders Should Promote Unity’, Is He FULL Of Sh…

Published on March 13, 2016


Obama, who has done nothing but further divide Americans during his Presidency, is now calling for leaders to promote unity after Trump protesters have crashed his rallies. What do you think? Is Obama full of crap or is he totally right?

According to the Daily Mail:

Barack Obama said political leaders should promote unity instead of pitching citizens against one another, just a day after violent clashes erupted at Trump’s cancelled rally in Chicago.

The President, who spoke at a fundraiser in Dallas, didn’t single out any candidate but said how they should act to be ‘worthy of our votes’,CBS reported.

‘Our leaders – those who aspire to be our leaders – should be trying to bring us together and not turning us against one another and speak out against violence and reject efforts to spread fear or turn us against one another,’ Obama said on Saturday.

‘And if they refuse to do that, they don’t deserve our support.’

Read more: Daily Mail

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