LEFTIST THUGS: Anti-Trump RABBLE Tries To Stop Trump’s KC Rally, Gets HOSED With Pepper Spray

Published on March 13, 2016

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The anti-Trump left doesn’t look like it will be giving up anytime soon. It looks like they have shifted their focus onto the leading front runner of the Republicans. They gathered, not so peacefully, in Kansas City last night and things got very out of hand.

Police pepper sprayed protesters outside of Donald Trump‘s rally in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday as two people were arrested for refusing to follow the law.

Authorities say they used pepper spray twice outside of the GOP front-runner’s event at The Midland Theatre.

Meanwhile the billionaire businessman urged police to arrest protesters, stating that he would start pressing charges against those individuals who interrupted his speeches.

‘I hope they arrest these people, because honestly they should be,’ Trump said to cheers from the crowd. ‘The only way to stop the craziness is to press charges.’

Videos shared on social media of the incident showed a large group of people next to two mounted policemen moments before officers on the ground all began to use their pepper spray on the crowd.

After the incident, people were recorded pouring milk on their eyes in an attempt to fight the burning and stinging effects of the pepper spray. Using milk after being sprayed can help take the burn away, but it won’t remove the oil from the eyes completely.

‘We had to use pepper spray 2 times outside Trump rally and arrested 2 people who refused to follow law,’ Kansas City Police said on Twitter.

While a boisterous group of protesters gathered outside the theater where Trump spoke in downtown Kansas City, the event concluded without significant incident.

Police say the majority of people exercised their rights to gather peacefully.

A spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department, Darin Snapp, said that pepper spray was used in an effort to ‘prevent protesters from taking over the street in an attempt to fight with rally supporters.’

He added that no one was injured outside the rally.

Trump’s remarks were interrupted about a dozen times by protesters who managed to get into the theater, and they were escorted out.

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