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Do Americans Need to Get Involved and Informed to Save Our Country?

Let’s cut to the chase…

In the first Indiana Jones film there is a scene in which Jones is being threatened by an Arabic man with what looks like a sword.  He is armed only with his whip…and a gun.  Instead of clashing with his opponent in whip-versus-sword, he just takes out his revolver and shoots the guy.  Thus endeth the threat.   So, it would seem that, in this instance, a pre-emptive strike does the job.  Why then are we pussy-footing around with the Iranians, ISIS and whoever else is lining up to attack the United States?   Let’s cut to the chase, and do what needs to be done to them…before they do it to us.

My suspicious mind says that we have people in high places in our present government that are, somehow, feeding information to our enemies…both real and potential.   A new broom sweeps clean as the saying goes, and when a new broom is put into the White House, it should sweep out every last Muslim-adherent regardless of their position and tenure.  Does that sound too drastic for you?   Consider then that our top spy, the man who heads up the CIA, is a Muslim.   You know, if you’ve been listening, that a true believer in the Moon God can NEVER owe his allegiance to anyone but the Moon God…so what does that tell you about the CIA chief?

Chasing the truth is a daily adventure for me, and it never ceases to amaze me how the syndrome of “don’t know and don’t care” is flourishing.   Man-in-the-street interviews with people, especially college-age people, displays an ignorance of the basics of this country.   It was reported that a college student, a senior, thought that Judge Judy, who is a TV judge, actually sat on the US Supreme Court.   Other young people had no clue that there were three branches of government…they thought the White House ran everything and, with the current administration, they seem to be right.

Others had no idea when, or from which country, we fought for our independence.

We’ve abandoned cigarette advertising almost everywhere, but young people are still taking up the habit.  Alcoholic beverages are likewise banned in most places, but binge drinking, sometimes resulting in death, is prevalent all over America’s college campuses.   Hazing for sororities and fraternities has all but stopped, but now and then a young person will die or be severely injured because of it.  Let’s cut to the chase on that, because when something is put out of reach, it just becomes that much more of a challenge to get it, to achieve it, or to drink it.   Huge hamburgers are a challenge in a couple of restaurants around the country, but there are always going to be folks that will take the dare.

Here’s a novel thought: how about thinking of some way to improve the status of your immediate surroundings, assuming that you don’t live in the lap of luxury.  To ask a person to make the world better is a gargantuan task and might deter the person from the very start…but in your own little piece of the world, you might be able to do something good, and not necessarily for yourself, right?   Maybe there’s a vacant lot that could be cleaned of the trash and made into a garden…is that too idealistic for you?

How about attending a local city meeting that’s talking about something in which you have strong feelings, either for it or against it?  Can’t do that either?   What the hell CAN you do?   Sitting on the couch watching a game isn’t going to accomplish anything except, perhaps, giving you a bigger waistline. 

Remember the TV show American Idol?  My American Idol is an unknown member of our armed forces who put his or her life on the line for you and me.  So, let’s cut to the chase.   You’re an American, aren’t you?   Then understand what’s going on here.  Pay attention to the candidates and make up your own mind.  Vote your conscience, but vote…because millions of people around the world no longer have that opportunity and, believe it or not, they still believe in the United States.  Listen up.  Rise up.  Stand up, for something.  Let your voice be heard.  Your country needs you…desperately.  
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired,
(aka The Old Alarmist)
Duty.  Honor.  Country.


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Larry Usoff

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country. E-mail me at:

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