Father’s Son KILLED By Illegal Immigrant Just SLAMMED These Two GOP Candidates

Written by Wes Walker on March 15, 2016

“Someone’s gonna pay.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial for slip-and-fall accidents, class action mesothelioma lawsuit, or your typical make-the-bastards-pay Blockbuster movie, it isn’t very hard to recognize a strong desire in our culture for actions to have consequences.

When someone screws up because they’re careless, incompetent or corrupt and someone else suffers, we expect a price to be paid. If a property owner neglects to properly maintain a handrail, they are responsible for any resulting injury. We see a connection there. We accept it.

Now imagine something happened to your child. Something tragic. Something irreversible. That would be devastating, right? What if you also found out that someone was clearly at fault? You’d say it, wouldn’t you? “Someone’s gonna pay.”

Would the “why” matter? Well, there would be no “right” reason that would make it better. But you can be damned sure that a “wrong” reason could make it worse. A “wrong” reason would send parents into a blind rage. Personal profit would be one such “wrong” answer.

What about “political expediency”? Would it get a pass? That’s the answer one grieving father is left with. “Sorry your kid is dead, Dan. But politics is politics.”

Politicians would never be so candid in their explanation. But what else can you say about it? Dan Golvach has buried his son, Spencer. Someone pulled up beside Spencer at a traffic light, and shot him in the head. That “someone” was an illegal immigrant. Had the immigration system done its job, Spencer would still be alive today. Period. Full stop.

And now, Kasich is boasting he’ll have amnesty within 100 days of taking office.

Here’s what Dan has to say about that:

“These GOP establishment leaders like Rubio, do not want to shackle their donors down to their pesky little immigration laws that were designed to keep us safe… but would compromise their cheap labor pool.”

Dan’s getting both of those “wrong answers” I mentioned, isn’t he? Donors want the personal profit, politicians need donors to retain political power. Money and politics.

Imagine it was your kid dead at a traffic stop. Or your brother. Or your boyfriend.

Would you want someone to pay? Dan does. He thinks the pro-amnesty politicians (he specifically calls out Kasich and Rubio among them) should be up on charges for what they’ve done to America, which in his mind is “effectively treason”.

Let’s look at just how out of touch these amnesty guys are. I give you two quotes in closing. The first from an article describing Kasich’s pro-amnesty pledge:

Kasich again repeated his talking point likening illegally entering the United States and residing here in violation of U.S. immigration law, to cutting in line at a Taylor Swift concert: “Look, nobody likes that they broke the law, they ditched the line. I have told my kids, as much as you love Taylor Swift, you don’t ditch the line to get into a concert.”

The second by a grieving father (emphasis mine):

“When you have to go look at your child’s deflated head in a casket, it never gets—it never gets out of your mind. And then you look at people like Marco Rubio talking up there, talking this nonsense, your blood starts to boil, it really does.”

Is anyone out there listening?

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