Hey, Blue Collar Peeps: Hillary Just Took A MAJOR Dump On YOU

Written by Thomas Holmes on March 15, 2016

It wan can only be described as either a completely accidental over-share or a temporary spiritual possession, Hillary Clinton sure stepped in it Sunday night on CNN. Either way, the Hilda beast decided Kentucky was a perfect place to happily declare, “We’re going to out a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Of course, her comments were in the context of how wonderful it will be when her Marxist policies destroy people’s way of life in favor of Utopian green idiocy, but   Hillary might as well have just come out and said, “Screw you , Rust Belt”.

Does anyone really believe all those millions of current coal jobs, providing cheap, plentiful, energy will come back in equal ratio supporting costly, unknown green resources? Of course not, if for no other reason than they were words coming out of Hillary Clinton’s pie hole. Nonetheless, the fact that Hillary had no qualms about telling a Rust Belt state, “hey I’m going to eliminate your job” did not escape people’s attention:

What does this all mean? Among other things, it means that in the last eight years (read: because of Obama) the liberal agenda to manifestly transform America into a wholly other country is getting bolder and spending less time in the shadows of double-talk and subtle policy tweaks.

In 2000, the very concept of supporting gay marriage wasn’t a serious national policy issue. In 2008 the Democratic party – including the Hilda beast- still officially opposed it. Today, you’re a bigot if you raise any objection. A similar trend can be observed with energy policies to the point where on Sunday a leading presidential candidate is actually trying to get votes by explaining how she’s all about destroying people’s livelihoods.

We are, indeed, through the looking glass.

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