How ANY Candidate In The Race Would be a Historic First for The White House

Written by Leonora Cravotta on March 16, 2016

Every single candidate who is currently running for president would represent a first for The White House if elected.  Let’s start with Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton.  Mrs. Clinton would be the first woman president and the first mother and grandmother to serve in the Oval Office. She would also be the first former first lady to serve as president and consequently her presidency would force the modification of the term “first lady” which was traditionally defined as “the hostess of the White House” to “first spouse” to accommodate her spouse former President Bill Clinton.  Snarky people would say that Mrs. Clinton would also represent the first president to have potentially faced criminal indictment before entering the Oval Office.  However, I won’t go there.

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would also represent several firsts for the presidency. He would be both the first individual of Jewish faith and the first self-professed socialist to serve as president. While a student at The University of Chicago, Sanders belonged to the Young People’s Socialist League which is the youth affiliate of the Socialist Party of America. In addition, the Senator from Vermont who turns 75 in September, would be the oldest person ever elected president.

Republican ticket front-runner Donald Trump would also represent a number of firsts for the presidency. Contrary to public perception, he would not be the first billionaire to assume the Oval Office. Technically speaking John F. Kennedy was also a billionaire. Trump, however, would be the first president who is a real estate developer, owner of a conglomerate of diverse business holdings, media mogul and reality television star.  On the personal front, Trump would be the first president to have been married three times. He is currently married to jewelry designer and former model Melania Knauss with whom he has a son Barron, who will soon turn ten. Mrs. Trump, who was born in Slovenia, would be the first first lady to have been born outside of The United States. Trump was previously married to Ivana Trump with whom he has three adult children Donald, Ivanka and Eric and the actress Marla Maples with whom he has an adult daughter Tiffany.

Republican candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz would also represent an historic first. Cruz, whose father was born in Cuba, would be the first American of Hispanic origin to occupy The White House. Florida Senator Marco Rubio would also be the first Hispanic president as both of his parents were born in Cuba. Furthermore, Rubio would be the first president from the state of Florida.  Republican candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich would be the first American of Eastern European descent to occupy the Oval Office. His father was of Czech descent and his mother ‘s ancestry was Croatian.

We spend so much time discussing the candidates in terms of their policies, campaign slogans and media coverage. It is interesting to take a closer look at them from a popular culture and life style perspective. After all, the next president and the first family will be in our living rooms for the next four to eight years.

Share if you agree, whatever happens, history will be made in this election.

Leonora Cravotta
Leonora Cravotta is the lead writer/editor for; and the Co-Host for the Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show. Her professional background includes over fifteen years in corporate and nonprofit marketing. She holds a B.A. in English and French from Denison University, an M.A. in English from University of Kentucky and an M.B.A. from Fordham University. The Scott Adams show is available on, Red State Talk Radio, iTunes, Tune-In, Spreaker, Stitcher and Soundcloud.