Is John Kasich the Only Hope Left for RINOs?

Written by Teri O'Brien on March 18, 2016

It is sometimes said that politics is show biz for the unattractive. Without commenting on the physical appearance of any of the current presidential field, let me suggest a corollary. Just as entertainers often seem to be fighting mental health, so do some in the political class. Submitted for your approval as a recent example is the new darling and the great hope of the RINO’s, the delusional, Democrat-light governor of Ohio, John Kasich. In a stunning development this week, he actually won the primary in his home state, where he controls the entire Republican party apparatus! Such an amazing achievement unquestionably merited the confetti blizzard befitting a group of returning astronauts that followed his meandering, self-absorbed speech, in which he entertained the audience with hie inspiring life story. It’s Gov. Kasich’s world. We just live in it. 

With his bizarre facial ticks, and affected “Aw shucks” demeanor that looks like he’s doing a bad Jimmy Stewart impression, Gov. Kasich appears to be attempting to convey a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington vibe. Unfortunately, given that he is the chosen tool of the Washington establishment, and a veteran pol, it’s more like The Godfather. And, given his penchant

Governor Kasich likes to present himself as “the adult in the room,” by which he seems to mean he is above all the petty “bickering” and “name calling” that he and his supporters would say have characterized the current presidential campaign. Perhaps he should preface his speeches and interviews with the following: “Kids, sometimes grown ups have to say things or do things that might not make sense or seem contradictory, but that’s ok. When you get older you will understand.” For example, the following issues:

Illegal Immigration
Despite his efforts to deceive the voters, Gov. Kasich shares the love that the GOP donor class has for open borders and amnesty. He has said “Illegal immigrants” are “a critical part of our society.” If that seems like a bizarre statement, maybe you just need a hug.

Syrian Refugees
Barack Obama said in 2015 that he wanted to admit at least 10,000 Syrian “refugees,” 98% of whom are Muslims, into the United States, even though  FBI director James Comey has admitted that we cannot vet these people and insure that they are not stealth ISIS operatives. Gov. Kasich agreed with Barack Obama, until he didn’t.

Kasich in September 2015: Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said Sunday that he supports President Barack Obama’s plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States over the next year, adding, “America needs to be part of this solution.”

Kasich in November 2015: The GOP presidential candidate took his stance on Syrian refugees, urging President Obama to “take the pause” or else “it would be a big mistake.”
Right, because sometimes grown ups say things that may not make sense or something. 

Medicaid Expansion
Gov. Kasich likes to invoke Ronald Reagan when justifying his Medicaid expansion, which will burden Ohio taxpayers long after he’s gone. Unfortunately for the Ohio governor, that whole Reagan comparison is not accurate, at least according to someone who might know, President Reagan’s Attorney General Ed Meese. 

Governor Kasich bases his argument that he is doing what Reagan would have done on the fact that Reagan expanded Medicaid when he was president. Rather than furthering Kasich’s case, however, Reagan’s actions shed light on precisely why it is that the Obama plan embraced by Kasich is so antithetical to the policies that Reagan promoted.

No matter, Kids. Sometimes the grown ups have to do things you can’t understand. 

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Image: John Kasich via photopin (license)

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