MICHELLE OBAMA: A Repellant Cauldron of Race-Based Rage

Written by Teri O'Brien on March 26, 2016

For nearly eight years, patriotic Americans like you and me, have been depressed and dismayed watching the “remaking” of America by our first Marxist, and also first affirmative-action assisted, occupant of the Oval Office. We shake our heads contemplating the tremendous damage to the country we grew up in, hope and pray that it’s not irrevocable, and count the days, hours, minutes and seconds until our national nightmare ends. (For the record, as I write this column, that magic number is 301 days, 7 hours, 29 minutes and 50 seconds.)

We can all cite our least favorite aspects of the age of Obama. The lawlessness, and blatant disregard for the rule of law and contempt for our precious Constitution certainly top many of our lists, since so many terrible things that have happened to our country flow from that first cause, including the illegal amnesty for so-called “DREAMERs,” some of whom have committed horrific violent crimes in this country. The deliberate desire to build up America’s enemies, such as the terror regime in Iran, and the murderous communist dictators, the Castro brothers, while dissing our loyal friends like Israel, are disgraceful and disgusting. The war on law enforcement, under the guise of combatting America’s alleged irredeemable racism, is horrible and very destructive. If you say that these things are the worst aspects of Obama’s presidency, I will agree; however, I have to add that when I list the things I will be most delighted to be rid of is the incessant whining, lecturing and hectoring by Barack Obama’s repellant wife, a race-obsessed bubbling cauldron of rage, self-appointed, un-credentialed nutrition health and fitness expert, Michelle LeVaughn Robinson Obama. 

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s  great to encourage people to be active, to eat a nutritious diet and generally live a health-promoting lifestyle. I’m just not sure that Mrs. Obama is the best messenger for those desirable objectives.  I think I might have an easier time accepting her exercise and nutrition tips if she looked like she actually put these suggestions into practice, by which I mean if she didn’t have a rear end on which we could park Air Force One. 

And speaking of Air Force One, her Royal Wideness certainly likes to take advantage of that perq of office. Over the last 7 years, U.S. Taxpayers have spent millions hauling her and her entourage all over the planet, always to luxury accommodations. Spain, China, Africa, Aspen, Hollywood, Hawaii, you name it, the sky is the limit and money is no object. During her latest fabulous Spring Break adventure, she was accompanied not only by her daughters and her mother, as usual, but also her husband, who had no problem doing “the wave” with his new commie BFF’s at a baseball game in Cuba on the very day that ISIS murdered dozens and injured hundreds in Brussels, or dancing the tango in Argentina the day after this Islamist attack. As my friend, the always insightful Jeannie D’Angelis has noted, during this trip, she sported designer threads that cost more than the average Cuban earns in 6 years. That is Michelle’s standard M.O., as in Michelle Obama, who wears only the finest clothes, and came to Washington with a full-time makeup artist. This is a woman who wears $600 sneakers to volunteer at a soup kitchen, and $1000 boots to work in “her garden”, as in the one that the U.S. Park Service planted. 

And how have all these advantages, from affirmative-action admissions to elite Ivy League schools, to a no-show $300,000 a year “community liaison” job at the University of Chicago hospital, to a current lifestyle of luxury unheard of in human history, left Michelle Obama? Delighted? Grateful for the generosity of U.S. taxpayers? No. Michelle was enraged before she became first lady, and she remains enraged, loathing America and obsessed with race. She wrote her Princeton college thesis about race, and in it, vowed to use her education to assist black people. (Thought experiment: how would our media have reacted if Cindy McCain or Ann Romney had written a college thesis in which she vowed to use her education to benefit white people exclusively?) In 2007, she declared that  “as a black man, Barack could be shot going to the gas station.” (Of course, she neglected to mention that, if that happened, based on current Chicago crime statistics, it would be more than likely that the shooter would be a black man.) In 2008, she declared that for the first time in her adult life, she was proud of her country. As recently as this week, she was in Argentina whining about her “struggle” (or I should say “schtruggle.), against sexist males who whistled at her as she walked down the street (yeah right) and insensitive teachers who didn’t recognize how brilliant she is.

As I noted back in February, 2009, and subsequently, the Obamas clearly believe that evil, racist Amerika owes black people reparations, and that the policy may as well start with them. Michelle will continue to enjoy the well-deserved reparations that she has enjoyed virtually her entire adult life. You, peasant, carry on. Your job is to submit and pay. 

Gee, what will we miss most? The sense of entitlement, so large that it is exceeded only by the size of her rear end? The wallowing in her unrelenting victimhood? The media endlessly telling us how beautiful she is? I leave that to you.  

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