Five Solutions for Five Serious Problems Facing America Right NOW

Written by John DeGroff on March 26, 2016

This is Part 2 of last week’s article, “Five Serious Problems“.  In this installment, I want to offer my thoughts on possible solutions.  Note what I said there: these are my ideas.  Your mileage may vary.  All of us need to start looking at what needs to be done and start hammering our Congress Critters and to also become involved on our individual local levels.

The five problem areas named in Part One were: 1) Our open borders, 2) Our foreign policy, 3) Our debt, 4) Our spirituality, and 5) Our education system.

Open border solutions
The last time anything resembling a solution to the problem on our southern border was “Operation Wetback” during the Eisenhower administration in 1954.  Since then, the concept of having a functioning southern border is just that…only a concept.  With the exception of California, the governors of other southern border states feel overwhelmed with the problems illegals bring.

First and foremost, no matter where you live, each of us needs to start bombarding our reps and senators to close the border.   We need a wall with armed guards.   Landmines in remote sections wouldn’t hurt either. 

After it’s closed, we need a 25 year moratorium on ALL immigration into this country.  That would include ending all legal immigration (for 25 years), as well as all amnesty programs, guest worker programs, student visas, political asylum and refugee programs.   25 years would give us time to sort it out as to who is actually here, find a way to round up the illegals, and start deportations.  Those who say it can’t be done don’t even want to propose any other solutions.  Of course it will take time, but it can be done and it must be done.

I’ve included the stopping of granting refugee status to anyone as well.  It has just come to international attention that ISIS has trained at least 400 fighters to infiltrate the flow of Syrian refugees to Europe.  That’s 400 potential suicide bombers.  Don’t think the U. S isn’t next.

In September 2015, on a broadcast of Meet The Press, former Secretary of State and Democrat presidential front runner Hillary Clinton proposed increasing the number of Syrian refugees allowed to come here from 10,000 to 65,000.   The appropriate number should be 0.  Things are far too dangerous now for even one so called “refugee” to slip through.

Foreign policy solutions
It’s an easy transition to go from immigration to foreign policy.  They’re intertwined as never before right now. 

Our current foreign policy right now centers on dealing with radical Islam.   I’m going to take it in a different direction and say that Islam, period, should be our primary foreign policy concern.

When GOP front runner Donald Trump called for a TEMPORARY ban on Islamic immigrants into the U.S., liberal heads exploded.   Somehow, liberals don’t seem to understand that the word “temporary” means  something that is not permanent.  Makes you wonder if Common Core has even managed to warp the adults in the room. 

The current problem with Islam can be laid right at the feet of the Obama administration.  The non-existent leadership of both Obama and Clinton has unleashed a refugee swarm that is destroying  Europe.   And Europe is starting to succumb to Islam’s demands.

The best example of how Europe is changing for the worse is found in Sweden.  In 2012, Sweden changed its constitution.  One of the changes is “…the ability of ethnical, linguistic, and religious minorities to keep and develop their culture shall be promoted.”   In other words, multiculturalism over national identity is now the law in Sweden.  One report I read stated that close to 90% of Sweden’s MPs (members of parliament) voted for the change.  Gee, just in time for Obama to ruin the Middle East.

Everywhere Islam goes in Europe, there is nothing but problems and jihadi slum breeding grounds.  This is a major policy failure for European society, and a failure of U.S. leadership to stop the flow of refugees.  And they want to bring it here. 

“But,” say liberals, “…not all Muslims are bad!”.   True, but let’s look at it this way.  Worldwide, there is an estimated 1.6 BILLION Muslims.  If even 1% of that number, or 16,000,000 are committed jihadis,  shouldn’t that raise concern?  16,000,000 is the number of the entire U.S. combat force in World War II.   But, these were our people.  We knew who they were, where they were, and where they came from. 

Just for the sake of further argument, let’s say that even 16,000,000 is too high a number.  Let’s cut that in half, or 8,000,000 (or .5% of all  Muslims) could be potential jihadis.  

Going back to the notion that not all Muslims are bad, here’s another idea brought forth by Bill O’Reilly.  If there really is a “60 nation coalition of nations” organized against ISIS (as Obama alludes to), let’s see how many of the Islamic nations will commit resources and troops to a ground combat effort.  The ones that don’t…well, then we know where they stand. 

No doubt that Islam will be primary focus of the next President’s foreign policy.  That policy should not be to “build a bridge to Islam.”  Why build a bridge so the people on the other side who want to kill you can have easier access?

All the hashtag sayings and coexist bumper stickers are nothing more than moral placebos for liberal cowards.   We need  real leadership, a strong military, and an American public willing to wake up and call this what it is…war.

Okay, so I said at the beginning that this was Part 2 of the article.  There’s going to be a Part 3.  Articulating problems is one thing.  Understanding solutions is different.  It takes longer and opens you up to a lot of criticism.  As with any problem that the Left has allowed to get out of control, any attempt to correct it, or even offer a solution, is labeled as racist, un-American,  hateful, and/or phobic.  Those of us who still give an airborne copulation about our freedom had better get used to the heat.  War has been brought to the civilized world. 


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John DeGroff
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