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THE CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE: Say GOODBYE to a Glorious Cultural Heritage

As I sat and watched a “flash mob” on the computer singing Finiculi Finicula at a market in England, I cried.   It was well done, everyone in the store was singing, and it was a happy occasion.   But I cried.   Why?   Because, as I watched, I realized that if England continues to give away their wonderful culture, and panders to the Muslims, in the future, there will no longer be any flash mobs, singing…or any other appropriate pleasurable activity allowed when Muslims are in charge.   You see, Islam is a joyless, cruel, repressive cult, so all the things we in the West love so much, but take for granted, will disappear.   That is why I cried…and so should you.  

So what brings pleasure to Muslims?   Only the men, of course, because women are not permitted to enjoy anything.   However, the men of Islam appear to enjoy killing, torturing, raping, and destroying all other religions and cultures.   Why do so many in the West accept and give in to their demands?   Why are they willing to give up their cultures and traditions to these savages?   Where are the patriots with guts?   The lefty liberal politicians who yell “multi-culturalism” and diversity are leading us down a path to Hell.   Because, if the Muslims take over, that is what life will be.   Apparently, our Muslim-in-chief, and his gang, are bent on giving this country away, and Congress acts like a bunch of eunuchs, except for a few.   Those few are constantly demonized by their own party for trying to stand up for what’s right instead of what’s politically expedient.

Unfortunately, all of Europe is infected with the Muslim “refugees” who are nothing more than free-loaders who have not come to these countries to work, experience a better life, and live peacefully side-by-side with the European benefactors that took them in.   Instead, they have come to get everything free, impose their warped cult upon the Europeans, and demand anything and everything they wish.   They have no desire to work, assimilate, or declare allegiance to the country they are in.   They bring with them disease, crime, and a very twisted, inhuman, cruel lifestyle and philosophy.  

How about this for a future scenario?   Women will be second-class citizens with no freedom.   There will be no music, no dancing, no freedom to do as you wish.   You must be a Muslim or pay a tax or die.   There will be no allegiance to your country, only to Allah.   You’ll live by the teachings of a Seventh Century maniacal pedophile.   You will live under a dictatorship.   How does all that sound to you?   If the citizens of this country continue to allow the powers-that-be to steer us in that direction that is what your life will be like.  

I have already written Europe off, and that breaks my heart, because when I visited many years ago, it was to enjoy and witness all of their wonderful cultures.   Now, those cultures are disappearing and each country is going to be a caliphate, unless something dramatic occurs.   Don’t let that happen here.   If you love this country, do everything you can to discourage Sharia law in your community, resist any building of mosques, the President’s importing of thousands of Muslims, and fight any attempts to give in to the demands of the Muslim hordes which are already in many of our communities.  


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Sylvia Andrews

Sylvia Andrews has a Masters Degree in nursing, and has practiced for many years. She is politically active, holds strong opinions about how and where the country should be headed. A well-travelled person, she’s been to almost all 50 states and several foreign countries. She advocates for the Constitution and very much for the 2nd Amendment. She can be contacted at