‘SHE’S PISSED’: The Audience LOVED Watching Hillary Squirm During BRUTAL Univision Debate (VIDEO)

Hillary was clearly very upset at the Univision debate that took place in Miami last night. The moderators were not holding back any hard hitting questions and Hillary was squirming.

News anchor Jorge Ramos came out swinging at Univision’s Democrat Debate Wednesday night. Not mincing words, Ramos outlined the significance of Hillary’s email deception and asked her two pointed questions:

Was using a private server that has been concluded at to have contained classified emails at the directive of President Obama? And, would she be leaving the race if she were to be indicted?

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Watch Hillary squirm when asked about Benghazi and call the mother of one of the victims a liar:

Here were some of the reactions to the hard hitting questions from Univision:

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