This Illegal Alien SLAUGHTERED 5 Americans…Here’s A GREAT Reason For A WALL

Written by Wes Walker on March 10, 2016

On the outside chance that you still think the “mainstream” media is a reliable source of news, let me ask this question: have you heard the name Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino?

The media’s most egregious lies are not the ones they tell outright — these can be disproven — their worst lies are found in their silence. And this is why you have probably not heard this man’s name.

News reporting has somehow become an exercise in selecting the stories that will advance a cause. But somehow, similar events don’t always get the same attention.

The violence in San Bernardino late last year became a story, not about a xenophobic mass murderer acting out an ideology that was equal parts politics and religion. Nope, their story was all about gun control.

The media trips over themselves to tell stories about when guns are used to kill people… if they can frame it right. If a cop kills a suspect, that’s news — with the assumption of police misconduct, guilty until proven innocent. Some guy shoots up a black church, and has photos with a flag in the background? Quick, pull the General Lee or at least paint its roof plain orange.

Forty three murders in Chicago this February, 165 shootings, and 187 shooting victims in the shortest month of the year? Crickets. Because those “tough gun laws” are somehow not making a difference. Reality is stubbornly refusing to follow their script.

The real dishonesty of the media is seen in these cherry-picked stories. And that is why you likely haven’t heard the name I led with. His story is stubbornly refusing to follow the Media narrative.

Pablo is accused of murdering 5 people with his gun. What’s the threshold before a story becomes newsworthy? Does 5 no longer make the cut? Is the crime rate so bad that we can now gloss over 5 murders?

The gun he used was an AK-47. I’ll defer to those who know more about firearms than I do, but I don’t believe those are available to civilians on the open market. Not even through the mythical “Gun Show loophole” we keep hearing about. (Which is debunked here.)

This is where they begin to lose interest. The story cannot pivot into an Anti-NRA hand-wringing “tough-on-guns” spiel. “If we could save just one life…”

But the story (from their narrative’s perspective) goes from bad to worse.  Remember how Republican candidates were loudly denounced as racist for wanting effective border control? And how they argued border control is needed because hardened criminals are among those crossing the border?

We’re not supposed to say that, because it is somehow demeaning to all Mexicans to say that criminals exploit porous borders. As though Mexican criminals more pious than criminals elsewhere.

Well, guess what? Pablo here is one of Obama’s DREAMers. He was:

– Illegally present in the US

– Deported to Mexico in 2004

– Arrested last September, and fingerprinted

– Not reported/handed over to ICE

– Ineligible to remain the US

– Ineligible to own any firearm (let alone an AK-47)

After the shootings, and a manhunt, Pablo was found, on a hill near an interstate, still in the possession of a rifle. (Which, clearly, strict gun laws prevent him from owning.)

Have we seen Obama’s press conference for these killings? Do we get to see a teary-eyed “if we could save just one life”?

Well guess what? You CAN save “just one life” and a lot more besides. If someone is deported because he’s a bad person, KEEP him out. That means border enforcement.

Five people are dead. This is, in part, because those who are paid to keep Americans safe (right up to the White House) have been derelict in their duty.

We need to start putting people ahead of politics. Lives depend on it.

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