This Black Muslim Just UNLOADED on Hillary — Calls Her ‘Evil and … ‘

Written by Wes Walker on March 1, 2016

Being married to the original “first black president” isn’t helping her Presidential nomination quite the way she might have hoped. At this point, she can’t even count on the blame whitey endorsement.

Louis Farrakhan, in a recent video spent several minutes of his — what do we call it, sermon? — savaging Hillary and her political record. Bernie Sanders got an offhand mention in the speech, and the only people not mentioned in the available clip were the Republican candidates. That’s amusing, because of both parties, 100% of the Democrat slate are white, while only 40% of the Republican candidates are. So far as black candidates, the Republicans even still have one in contention.

If we were to apply the media attention that was raised with the David Duke endorsement of Trump to Farrakhan’s speech, we should expect a flurry of questions about where Hillary and Sanders stand on Farrakhan, his group and his policies. (A better question would be why an unrepentant racist like Farrakhan would identify with the Democrat brand in the first place. I’m not holding my breath for the MSM to ask that question.)

If cutting eye-holes in your mamma’s pillowcase and running around like idiots whining that (group x) “has sooper-secret plans to take over the world” is worthy of public denunciation [and yes, it is worthy of both denunciation, and mockery] then surely the guy who has stood up in a public speech just last year, and called for 10,000 people to start killing whites — for no other reason than the color of their skin — should rate at least a comparable level of denunciation.

In his clip, as I have said, Hillary and Bernie are mentioned by name, and #BlackLivesMatter are invoked (the fact that he invokes that PARTICULAR group should raise another set of awkward questions), but the Republicans are notably absent.

He is not a fan of Hillary, though. And I’m not sure whether his advisors would call that a win or not.

Racist whackjob that wants white people murdered in cold blood doesn’t like you? I’d count that as a win. It’s the reasons why he doesn’t like her that are the bigger problem. He likes the party. He likes the Democrat brand and priorities (not a win), but he hates — hates — Hillary for some of the policies she has been connected with.

It’s those reasons that won’t sit well with her campaign advisors.

For example — remember all that outrage about the disproportionate incarceration rate among black people? Farrakhan lays that directly at Clinton’s feet — her and her husband. He specifically blames policies they instituted during his presidency for this incarceration rate.

He has also said (probably accurately) that Hillary is only trying to leverage the #BLM for cynical political motives. Since the movement itself is both cynical and political, this is ironic. But Hillary wouldn’t want anyone actually acknowledging — out loud — that this is what’s going on.

Louis also called Hillary out for her role in Libya’s becoming a failed state. He said she was — personally — the driving force behind those events. He had nothing to say about the deaths in Benghazi — perhaps he celebrated them? — but he did lament the killing of his personal friend and “brother” Muammar Gaddafi. (Somebody cue the violins) How could she have done such a thing?

When you add all this up, the takeaway is almost laughable.

You can’t trust Hillary Clinton. The Republicans don’t even rate a mention. What does that leave? Carry the one and — yes, would you believe it! This cracker-hating mob-inciter is tacitly endorsing the old white guy. Hey, Bernie, it looks like you’ve wrapped up the Nation of Islam endorsement! What do you have to say about that?

Maybe now Farrakhan has sufficiently embarrassed the Democrat party that the DOJ will stop ignoring his criminal actions, and finally bring charges against him.

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