VIDEO: Protesters Blockade Calais, They’re SICK Of The Islamic ‘INVASION In Europe’

Published on March 13, 2016

These activists are sick and tired of the massive Muslim invasion of their country, so they took to the port of Calais yesterday to stop it themselves.

More than 130 right-wing activists blocked various routes into the port of Calais yesterday to protest the “migrant invasion”.

They claimed to have taken control of three bridges leading to the city. Blockades wereerected, fires lit, drums banged and 14 people arrested.

Their banners were adorned with blunt slogans such as “Go Home,” “Defend Calais” and “No way.”

The demonstrators were from the “hipster right” Génération Identitaire group; a notably young movement of anti-mass migration activist who engage in direct action.

“This morning, Génération Identitaire occupied two bridges to calais to filter the passages and prevent “migrants” to join the city!” they wrote on Facebook.

Adding: “Tonight 14 activists and activists are still in custody. Before you go to bed, have a thought for the ones who will spend the night at the station.”

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