When You See Why This Murderous Illegal Alien Got Let Off, Your Blood Will BOIL

Written by Thomas Holmes on March 17, 2016

Let’s get something clear, here.  I ‘d prefer to believe that we’re not the idiots. It’s not us, the American citizens who –generally speaking- can’t tie our own shoes, walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, or fail to comprehend that a hit-and-run killing is actually a major crime.  I say that because, according to the Daily Caller’s report, the only explanation for President Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement director’s, blundering, mind-boggling explanation at Tuesday’s Senate hearing for ICE failing to detain the illegal alien who committed that very crime is that, either the Administration is lazy and stupid or they assume we’re lazy and stupid.

“It is very hard for us to get to every inquiry that is made by law enforcement,” testified ICE director Sarah Saldana’s regarding how ICE could seemingly ignore Omaha, NE law enforcement’s request for them to detain 19 year old illegal alien, Eswin Mejia, after killing 21 year old Sarah Root during a street race. Ms. Saldana might as well have added, “Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line and arrange your escape and a representative will be with you shortly.”

Of course, what Ms. Saldana actually testified during Tuesday’s Senate hearing was just as lame.  The hearing revolved around the January 31st killing of Ms. Root by Mejia who was drag racing with a blood alcohol level three times above the legal limit.  Mr. Mejia was arrested and detained by Omaha police until his Feb 4th bond posting. To what should have been no ones surprise, Mejia immediately disappeared and is currently on the run.  ICE factors in because the Omaha police asked them to detain Mejia further because if anyone could be considered a flight risk it is an illegal immigrant who killed someone.


Apparently, Ms. Saldana’s justification for not supporting the local police instead of a criminal is simple enough. You see, although ICE is empowered to detain illegals if they “pose a public safety threat”, they determined that Mr. Mejia and his murdering car didn’t meet that level because the victim hadn’t died yet.   “I understand that that person was injured and had not….passed away until later,” testified Ms. Saldana.

Now, there are a whole host of problems with this, as you can imagine. But, the first problem is that it’s simply incorrect.  If Ms. Root died on January 31st and Mejia didn’t post bail until town a week later, the poor math on Ms. Saldana’s timeline is pretty obvious.  So before we even deal with the inanity of justifying ignoring police because the victim wasn’t dead dead, maybe Ms. Saldana should have studied up on the details of what she was going before a Senate hearing for before throwing darts at random explanations.

Nonetheless, the tragedy of this completely preventable crime and equally preventable escape opens up yet another game of Obama Administration Let’s Make A Deal.  The choice for us is Door #1: The Administration can literally get away with murder and say anything to the public because all we care about is our “free” education and welfare. Or Door #2: Gee I dunno, if the Administration isn’t corrupt to the bones than it’s inept almost beyond description. I mean, Director Saldana can’t even get her pathetic explanations to line up with the basic timeline.  She might as well have mimed her whole testimony for all the sense it made.

Honestly, it would be nice if this were a wake-up call across Party and political lines.  No Americans should want any government this bloated and incapable of even seeing straight.  Sadly, you and I know that this is unlikely given a near Socialist and an actual Socialist are vying for power in one Party, while the other Party’s leadership is too concerned with infighting and consolidating their little patch of shrinking relevance to look even up from the pig trough.

But, like Fox Mulder, I Want To Believe it’s the government’s ineptitude that the actual issue and not the expanding government diets voters seem content to scarf down.

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