@BabesForTrump: ‘Making America Great Again One BABE At A Time’ (PHOTOS)

Written by Doug Giles on April 3, 2016

You definitely will NOT see a group like THIS for Hillary. Here is the latest craze to hit the internet — and Trump supporters will love it. Do you think this is good for the Donald’s image?

A Twitter account titled @BabesForTrump featuring women wearing little clothing and promoting the GOP presidential frontrunner has quickly gained a following of more than 6,000 Twitter users.

Despite Trump’s several incidents on the campaign trail that have cost him female supporters, nearly 100 attractive women have been featured on BabesForTrump wearing Trump gear or posting signs of support for the candidate.

Photos on the site range from women covering their nipples with Trump stickers, to bikini-clad women with Trump slogans written across their bodies.

The Twitter account, which also has a coinciding Instagram, was created by four male college students February. (Daily Mail)

Here are some of the pictures featured on the account:


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