Beyoncé Has NO Apologies for Her DISGUSTING Race Baiting Halftime Show

Written by Wes Walker on April 6, 2016

Being Beyonce means never having to say you’re sorry.  And that only makes sense, considering her close relationship to the White House and the Democrats.

It’s a recurring pattern. Remember back when she and her entourage descended on a hospital when her promotional tool — baby, to the rest of us — was being delivered? Seriously, who names a kid after an album, anyway? Her security basically put the hospital on lockdown, which was really inconvenient for the new parents who wanted to see their children. Here’s a quote from the NY Times to bring you up to speed if you’ve forgotten.

“At one point, another father, Edgar Ramirez, 25, said, security guards kept him out of the neonatal unit for three hours while his wife and newborn were waiting for him. At another point on Saturday, a guard declared that “the floor is on lockdown,” Ms. Nash-Coulon said, and told her that if she left the neonatal unit, she would not be allowed back in to see her babies.”

Beyonce wants people to have access to health care. Just not around her. Some people are obviously “more equal” than others.

What else is she not apologizing for? The Halftime show. She’s not walking that back at all. Instead, she’s told an interviewer that she has “no regrets”.

If you take her show as anti-police, she says, you are “completely mistaken”. No, that wasn’t it at all. She was celebrating her roots and her culture during Black History month. She was celebrating the Black Panthers. Who just happened to have had violent clashes with police.

Here’s the problem with that. She might point to the socialist goals of the BPP, or breakfast programs, blah-blah-blah. They were all about “celebrating blackness”.

Let’s turn this around for a minute. Let’s pretend that instead of Beyonce, it was some hypothetical white singer, who thought it would be appropriate to celebrate “whiteness”. (What, only minorities can publicly feel good about themselves or their accomplishments as a group?)

Imagine she gets her backup dancers to do an equivalent shock-value “artistic” show. You can see where this is going, right?

Now, let’s be clear. This hypothetical white singer is NOT celebrating clashes with minorities, or bombings or lynchings, obviously. Just celebrating the “good things” that Democrats in pointy white hats have done in days gone by.  What’s your problem with that?  (Yes, I said the Democrats. Evidence here.)

NOW, do you understand why the Halftime Show was a bad idea?

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