Transgender BULLIES Are Losing Their MINDS Over This New Common Sense Law

Written by Thomas Holmes on April 6, 2016

One of my favorite proofs of the hypocrisy of these progressive “social justice” idiots and liberals is their unwavering commitment to all things science as the final arbiter of their righteousness. Just try driving anywhere without reading some condescending “Coexist” bumper sticker or “Darwin” fish magnet. OK, we get it; you’re one of those post-modern, intellectually freed humanists who don’t need belief because you already know everything. Because science.

The big problem is when science lets them, and their burning social issues, down. Case in point, the recent North Carolina and Mississippi laws requiring the obvious: male and female only restrooms. Of course, in 2016 that’s bigoted and transphobic. It’s also a basic “Duh” in any society since, well, people started going out in public. Naturally, that’s not stopping the LBGT “community” (can we please start accurately calling them thugs) from decrying these new laws in shock and horror that not everyone agrees with them that how one “feels” should determine their gender.

Sorry Trans zealots, science has some bad news. You can chop, sculpt, stir fry (whatever), your body as much as you want until you fit into that bikini, but if you’ve got a Y chromosome, you’re all man. Funny how these same social justice warriors practically hump whatever available scientific trends to defend their anti-religion bigotry (while accusing conservatives and Christians of intolerance and bigotry) but happily drop whatever doesn’t coexist with their fanaticism.

In addition, these suddenly media-branded “controversial” North Carolina and Mississippi laws also protect Christian businesses from being forced to support gay and transgender weddings. Naturally, these laws are labeled bigoted not because they are bigoted but because they’re not bigoted in the fashion the LBGT community thugs prefer. Last I checked the Constitution which, nominally, is the framework for justice and liberty in this country gave express direction about the fundamental protection of religious expression in its opening sentence.

Still waiting for where any of this anti-science and anti-faith radicalism is constitutionally protected. Instead, in response to these laws, you have Governors in other states actually banning travel to North Carolina and Mississippi, because determining our travel rights is now apparently a thing we’ve granted government leaders to do. And because restricting religious expression and individual liberty is how you protect it.

Remember that scene in The Hunt For Red October where Sean Connery is talking with his first mate about all the things they’ll be allowed to do in America, and the first mate asks if you’re really allowed to travel from state to state with no papers? Sadly — and with no small effort from the social justice bullies — today’s America is a lot closer to the Soviet Union Connery was escaping from than the America he was escaping to.

Folks, this is what happens when you’re so open minded that your brain falls out.

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