CLASH: Hannity V. Cruz THROWDOWN Over Delegate Process… Who WON?

Published on April 19, 2016

Hannity and Cruz went head to head on The Sean Hannity radio show when they started discussin the primary election process and how Cruz is bagging so many delegates. Who do you think had the final say here? Leave your thoughts below!

Sean was trying to relay to Cruz that people are finding the entire process confusing and any help he could offer would be great.

Hannity brought up what happened in Georgia this past weekend and Cruz responded by saying only the hard-core Trump supporters worry about that which seemed like an indirect shot at Hannity which caused the dust up!

That wasn’t all. Cruz kept bringing up Trump in lieu of whatever answers he gave.

Watch it here:

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Bill Kristol, the founder and editor of The Weekly Standard, thinks that the Cruz campaign boasting about the delegate process is just flat out stupid. Do you agree with him? Watch below:

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