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FULL RETARD: Sweden’s Deputy PM Describes The 9/11 Attack As ‘The September 11 ACCIDENTS’

Does it really get any dumber than this? Sweden’s Prime Minister just said something about the 9/11 attacks that should tick off every American patriot out there. Check this out…

Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister has come under fire after branding the September 11 terror attacks ‘accidents’.

Åsa Romson made the comments during an interview on Tuesday, regarding the recent resignation of Sweden’s Minister for Housing and IT after he compared Israel to Nazi Germany.

Romson, 44, of coalition partner the Green Party, commended Mehmet Kaplan on his work with young Muslims during ‘tough situations like at the 11 September accidents’.

Kaplan, also of the Green Party, resigned Monday after likening Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the persecution of Jews in by the Nazis before and during the Second World War.

Romson said: ‘He [Kaplan] has been chairman for Swedish Young Muslims in tough situations like around the September 11 accidents and similar.’

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