Cruz CRUSHES Trump and Sanders SACKS Hillary In Wisconsin

Published on April 5, 2016

Ted Cruz just threw a major wrench into the Republican primary with his win in Wisconsin. He came in with over 50% of the vote. What will this mean for the Trump campaign?

Ted Cruz put new pressure on Donald Trump Tuesday night as he scored a convincing victory in Wisconsin’s Republican presidential primary, an election he had to win in order to stay in the presidential hunt.

He framed the win as ‘a turning point’ in the GOP race and ‘a victory for every American,’ projecting strength despite the lack of a path to the nomination outside of a contested convention.

‘Together we will win a majority of the delegates, and together we will beat Hillary Clinton in November,’ he said, allowing that it would likely happen during the July Republican National Convention – not beforehand.

With 34 per cent of the voting precincts in the Badger State reporting their totals, the Texas senator held 52.1 per cent of the total, compared with just 31 per cent for the billionaire front-runner.

Cruz took the stage at the american Serb Banquet Hall to the strains of ‘Where The Stars And Stripes And Eagle Fly’ by country artist Aaron Tippin.

‘I was born by God’s dear grace in an extraordinary place where the stars and stripes and the eagle fly,’ the song begins.

It was an odd choice for a presidential hopeful who was born in Canada and held dual citizenship until less than two years ago.

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Bernie Sanders also claimed a hug victory in the Wisconsin primary where he crushed Hillary:

The Wisconsin primary was immediately called for Bernie Sanders minutes after polls closed.

A hard fought race between the Vermont senator and Hillary Clinton, results weren’t expected until later in the evening.

But just after 9 pm Eastern Fox News called the race for Sanders, who spent the last few days campaigning there as Clinton retreated to her home state of New York. Two other networks soon followed suit.

With nearly 23 percent of precincts reporting, the Associated Press had Sanders ahead by 7 points and had called the race for him, as well.

‘Tonight kicked off the most important three week stretch of the campaign, and we did it with another overwhelming victory,’ he told his supporters shortly after. ‘If we can keep our momentum going through the states that vote and caucus over the next three weeks, we’re going to win this election.’

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