‘Refugee’ Rapists And The ‘Media’ HATE These Men, But The Women LOVE Them

Written by Thomas Holmes on April 5, 2016

So much for protecting the freedom of the press. Even within the press. Ever since the vigilante group, Children of Odin began prowling the streets of northern Europe basically daring Muslim immigrant rapists to make their move; the European press has been promoting every possible negative view of them.

According to Breitbart, the press argues that people are actually afraid of the vigilantes, not the immigrants, and believe their presence only ensures violence, not prevents it. However, Swedish reporter, Joakim Lamotte of the Goteborges-Posten, provided a “Man On The Street” interview with people who provided a wholly different viewpoint than what the mainstream media’s been espousing. Shocker, I know.

According to Lamotte as reported on Breitbart:

“Many people, especially girls, I talked to thought that what they do is good. Girls are terrified when they go out in the evenings. Soldiers of Odin may not be the right people to provide security, but some think it is good that someone is at least doing something.”

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Remember that whole ‘freedom of the press’ to report what’s actually happening? Lamotte’s story appears to have been removed from the Goteborges-Posten website:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.18.32 PM

You know what computer nerds love to say: A 404 by any other name is still the same (at least I think they do). Now, while this is no doubt an unrelated error probably due to the Socialist limits of providing equal bandwidth to everyone — Europe’s not only way more “ahead” of America in progressive immigration policy but also Net Neutrality — it should be mentioned that the Goteborges-Posten has been one of the more critical voices against the Children of Odin, along with the Finnish government. Most media outlets reporting on the Children of Odin never fail to remind readers that the group’s founder, Mika Ranta, has admitted his neo-Nazi connections even though he insists that the organization has no political interest and patrols the streets unarmed.

Now in all fairness, if we on the right are going to bring up Planned Parenthood’s connections to Arian belief, it’s all fair game. However, nature will always abhor a vacuum and Europe’s sense of responsibility to its actual citizens has created a huge one, which these protectors fill excellently. According to Ranka, the Children of Odin simply exist to protect women who, as Breitbart reports from Joakim Lamotte, “cannot go out to the pub without being groped, [and] they go with their key between their knuckles.”

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