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DEAR AMERICA: Do You Prefer A BRASH Trump Or A More Presidential One?


Do you prefer Donald Trump being brash or do you prefer that he be more Presidential? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

There seems to be a dispute over that within his inner circle as his campaign moves forward. Check this out…

The new blood brought into Donald Trump‘s campaign is already breeding bad blood, with the Republican frontrunner bristling at some of the decisions new chief campaign strategist Paul Manafort has made.

Politico reported that Trump was displeased when he heard that Manafort had told those attending the Republican National Committee’s spring meeting that The Donald was merely ‘projecting an image’ and ‘the part that he’s been playing is now evolving.’

Manafort made those remarks behind closed doors, but he’s also become the face of the campaign in recent weeks, encouraging Trump not to do as many media appearances while pushing the candidate to become more ‘presidential.’

This, according to Politico’s sources, hasn’t gone over well with The Donald, who was a reality television star before launching his unprecedented bid for the White House.

‘I think it pisses him off that he was getting free television by going on the shows and now Paul Manafort is out there resurrecting his career,’ one campaign insider told the publication.

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