DISGUSTING: Religion Of Peacer Posts Pics Of His ‘GIRLFRIENDS’ On Instagram (Notice Anything STRANGE?)

Published on April 15, 2016

This is absolutely sickening to see. Here is what Europe is allowing into their borders — widespread pedophilia. Although, the most unbelievable thing about this is how the parents of these girls are reacting to it.

Images have surfaced on the Finnish image board ylilauta of Finnish migrants and their preteen white girlfriends posing on Instagram and Facebook in the Finnish city of Saarijärvi

The men of Arab descent in their 20s-40s are seen posing with the young girls with captions such as “Beautiful” “My baby” and “I love you”

On contacting the families of some of the girls, we were told,  “they are just friends, it’s normal for adult guys to call young girls beautiful and tell them they love them.”
Obviously, in Finland as it is in the west, this is not normal behavior.

In another conversation the mother of one of the children states “That’s pretty normal for adult males to be hanging out with 13 [year old] girls”

According to mvlehti.net one of the girls mothers works at a migrant camp. Her child is believed to be 10 and the parents are trying to teach her kids to be more multicultural and accepting.

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