WATCH: Mob PROTECTS Thug and Attacks Police Officer in SHOCKING Video

Written by Wes Walker on April 15, 2016

Cause, meet effect.

It has become fashionable to portray ALL police as vicious, racist monsters. Especially white police officers. The white police officer has now all but replaced “the Boogeyman” in the popular imagination of certain political groups. Despite this, it is still part of his job to show up and give aid when someone is the victim of a crime. (And you thought YOUR job was tough.)

How did this play out in Nashville?

When a woman is being assaulted, what should happen next? Someone should help her, right? Someone did. The “someone” that evening was Officer Matthew Cammarn.

What do we know about Officer Cammarn? Well, for one thing, he was awarded 2015 Police Officer of the Year. The reason for the award? He helped save the life of a 17 year old gunshot victim. This is the biography of a man clearly deserving the utter contempt of race-baiting Social Justice Warriors, right?

Back to the woman being assaulted. Officer Cammarn was on scene and witnessed the woman being assaulted.

Exactly as his job description would require — as even the basic decency of being a man ought to require — Officer Cammarn came to the aid of the woman. Naturally, he began to arrest Brian Shannon, the man involved in the incident.

In a sane world, that’s where the story would end. The aggressor would be escorted to the back of a squad car, and face formal charges. But, we no longer live in a sane world.

The alleged assault and the arrest took place outside the James Cayce public housing complex. (You might be able to guess where this is going.)

An excerpt from the police report relates what happened next:

Officer Cammarn approached Shannon, who aggressively walked up to the officer. Cammarn told Shannon to put his hands behind his back and attempted to take him into custody. Shannon pulled away, grabbed Cammarn and pulled him to the ground. While actively fighting and swinging his fists at Officer Cammarn on the ground, other persons in a crowd pulled and pushed Cammarn in an effort to free Shannon. Others stood by recording the assault on their cell phones. Shannon got up and took off running to S. 6th Street, where he was taken into custody.

Watch the video here:

So, let’s put this in perspective. The same crowd that did NOT come to the aid of a woman being attacked by a man, DID come to the aid of her attacker when a police officer began to arrest her. They swarmed the officer and the suspect, and pushed/pulled at Officer Cammarn while Brian Shannon was throwing punches at Cammarn.

This was filmed on cell phones, and posted on social media, together with the crowd cheering as Shannon broke free and ran from law enforcement.

This is the new normal. Thank you Al Sharpton. Thank you #BLM. If you had a son, Obama, would he look like Shannon?

What has all this race-baiting and cop-hating gotten us? On that day at least, it gave a swarm of people so consumed by their hatred for police that they ignored the fact that he was protecting a woman in their midst.

Well done, moral midgets. You pretend to care about victims. You pretend to care about justice. With one single event you have conclusively proven both of those claims to be a lie.

You side with felons against their victims. WarOnWomen? Looks like we’ve found one. You attacked someone who was defending a woman, so you could set her attacker free. When you celebrate the defence of a coward from legitimate prosecution, you become like him.

Those who defend him are beneath contempt.

In a perfect world those of the cheering, jeering crowd that personally helped Shannon escape would, themselves, be facing formal charges.

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