HOLY CRAP: Liberal Maven, Susan Sarandon, Just BLASTED … Hillary?

THIS. IS. AN. EPIC. TAKEDOWN. This famous liberal just called out Hillary and threw her support behind her opponent. Check it out…

Susan Sarandon appeared Wednesday night on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” where she explained why she had to “break up” with Hillary Clinton.

She shared a photo of herself with Clinton, but she said the Democratic presidential candidate had lost her support after backing the Iraq War and promoting fracking overseas.

“I told her don’t go in Iraq — I’m very upset about that,” Sarandon said. “I said, you know, there’s not enough evidence and there’s no exit strategy — everything that everyone was saying — and she went in.”

Sarandon said she could no longer trust Clinton because of her environmental policies.

“Fracking is absolutely the worst thing you could do for the environment,” she said. “She goes behind my back and she’s selling it all over the world.”

Sarandon has thrown her support behind Bernie Sanders, saying the Vermont independent had consistently demonstrated great “moral judgment.”

Watch the full interview below:

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