QUESTION: Could This Be The REASON Obama Is Trans Friendly?


Is there an underlying reason why Obama has been so apt to push through the LGBT agenda during his Presidency? Well, this could be the reason why. Take a look at what Obama has been quietly doing.

Years before the White House was lit in rainbow colors celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, President Obama used a routine bureaucratic tool that ended up significantly changing the government’s understanding of gender and how it can be changed.

The process began during Obama’s first year in office, when he issued a memo in June 2009 instructing agencies to extend to partners in same-sex couples some benefits that spouses of federal employees receive. Over time, that directive led to a decision by the Social Security Administration to lower the threshold requirements for changing one’s sex on official government documents, a shift that would determine how a person’s gender is recorded on passports, tax returns, marriage licenses and other records.

Since June 2013, people wishing to change their sex on their Social Security cards have needed to provide only a doctor’s note guaranteeing that “appropriate clinical treatment” is underway.

Before then, people seeking to change their sex on the document had to undergo sex-reassignment surgery, an expensive and, many LGBT advocates and doctors say, unnecessary procedure for a transition to take place.

Suddenly, gender — once thought by many, including a rigid federal government, to be immutable from birth — could be changed on Social Security cards with only a note from a medical professional overseeing such a transition, such as the one Elishe Wittes carried with him to the Social Security Administration last summer.

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