‘KILL ME NOW’: Watch Cops Shoot Knife-Wielding Lunatic (What Would YOU Do?)

Published on April 7, 2016

If you were a cop in this situation, would you have done the same thing? It looks like this officer had way more patience than he should have with this knife wielding man.

Police in Glendale, Ohio, have released footage of the moment a man armed with a knife lunged for an officer on the shoulder of Interstate 75. The footage, recorded on a body camera worn by Glendale Police Officer Joshua Hilling, shows Javier Pablo Aleman being interviewed when he pulls a knife.

Officer Hilling shot Aleman in the abdomen and the video continues with Hilling asking Aleman to surrender while he shouts “kill me” until he collapses and support officers arrive at the scene.

The Hamilton County Prosecuting Office announced on Tuesday that Officer Hilling would not face charges over the March 29 shooting. Aleman, who remains in hospital, will face an attempted murder charge over the incident and is wanted by the Baltimore County Maryland Police Department on a 2016 homicide warrant.

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