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THE RELIGION OF PEACE: Puts Out A FATWA On Lebanese Adult Film Star

The ‘religion of peace’ is ticked at this chick for being ranked as most popular on porn hub — so naturally, they issued a FATWA on her, threatening her life. Mia Khalifa moved to the U.S. when she was 10 years old, but that isn’t stopping Muslims from hating her.

Khalifa, who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, reached the No.1 ranking on the popular porn site despite being new to the adult film industry.

Many radical Muslims have called Khalifa a ‘disgrace’ to Lebanon although she moved to the United States when she was 10, where she now resides.

However, the porn actress is taking all the abuse in her stride. Calling out to those who threatened her, she has even re-tweeted a number of the messages, which are hateful in nature.

Khalifa told the Washington Post that there are Hollywood movies that depict Muslims in a much worse manner than any scene Bang Bros (a porn company) could produce.

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