LEECHES: Muslim Welfare Brats, With 9 Kids, Are Demanding THIS From The Government

Written by Thomas Holmes on April 26, 2016

While much of the debate about justifying family and life here in the States centers around people daring to defending life against the hate onslaught of pro-abortion “rights” radicals, other parts of the world are waking up to how the post-modern health care syndicate can be rigged.

According to an April 22nd report in the Austrian news site, The Local, one Afghani couple who live in Austria today with their nine (yes, nine) children are petitioning the government health care system for financial support to add a middle inning reliever to their starting baseball team of a family.

Yep, you guessed it, this family gets government subsidies for trying to conceive another child. In this case, the parents are fighting to get an IVF treatment to help the couple conceive due to the mother’s age at 44. Their private health care plan can (and probably should) refuse to pay for the IVF.

But, according to the Local, even if they do the government may step in and fund the effort. No matter what, the government- read taxpayers- is on the hook for all the prep work required.

In addition to that money, according to the Krone newspaper, the family is also paid a hefty annual stipend of €44,133 in living support. And people wonder why anyone from the third world would risk their lives to live in the West. And people wonder why a family with already enough members to play full court basketball, and have it reffed would want to add another. It’s big business if you land in a country that has nothing else to do but tax and redistribute.

Of course, it doesn’t help that America’s global military presence is essentially creating a social experiment in so many of these smaller countries that don’t have to foot the bill for their defense.

You’re welcome. I guess.

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