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QUESTION: Are You AMAZED How The RNC Unites Against Trump But Not Against Obama?


Don’t you wish that the RNC would have united against Obama the same way they are now doing against Trump? The last four years might have looked very different if that was the case. Do you agree?

Tucker Carlson just warned the GOP that if they give Donald Trump the finger, they do it at their own peril. Do you agree with him?

Wednesday on the Fox News Channel, “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host and Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson warned the GOP not to dismiss the will of Republican voters when it comes to the party’s 2016  presidential nominee.

“[Trump] is on track to receive more votes than any Republican nominee ever,” Carlson said. “He’s already surpassed Mitt Romney’s number in 2012. It doesn’t mean he’s a great guy or that he’ll be a great president. It does mean that he is the choice of Republican voters and give them the finger at your peril.”

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