PATRIOTS: How QUICKLY Could Our Soldiers Kick These ISIS Clowns’ @SSES? [VIDEO]

ISIS would like to have you think that they are the scariest fighters on the planet — but this video reveals the total opposite. How many of our special forces do you think it would take to wipe them out immediately? Watch the video below.

ISIS likes to portray itself as a well-oiled fighting force that makes sweeping territorial gains with ruthless efficiency.

But behind its propaganda machine, the reality is anything but – as this battlefield video shows.

Taken from the headcam of an ISIS fighter, it captures the chaos among a group of hapless militants as they fumble around trying to fire weapons at Kurdish forces in Iraq.

As bullets fly past them, the jihadis bicker and moan at each other while driving in an armoured vehicle littered with rocket launchers and AK-47s.

In the footage, obtained by VICE News, one militant fires a machine gun perched on the side of the vehicle, but at one point the weapons slips.

Another fighter screams at him to be ‘careful not to shoot at our brothers!’ – referring to other ISIS armoured vehicles ahead of them in the convoy.

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